BRAND name canvas - A5

BRAND name canvas - A5


White cotton canvas emboidered with your typography logo or brand name. Max 6 letters wide.


    Each of our cotton canvases can be hand embroidered with the letters of your brand name or logo.


    This canvas measures 15cms x 21cms (the same as an A5 piece of paper).  It is hand embroidered with a mix of recycled, reclaimed and new wool thread.  We will aim to match the colours of your logo/brand as closely as possible, but there may be some differences.  Note that our embroideries are done by hand, not machine.  They do not aim to be an exact representation of your logo, rather a fun, warm prop for your social media photos!


    We use Royal Mail's service and will dispatch the order within 7 working days.  Delivery is included in the price when shipping to mainland UK.